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This book will help you discover why the rich keep getting richer and how you can become one of them.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Why the rich keep getting richer and how you could join the ranks of the rich
  • Why the gap between the rich and the average person keeps getting wider
  • Why some people work less and earn more, while others seem to be on a treadmill
  • What the rich think, know and do that makes them rich
  • How to maximize your success with money, your finances and your future.
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New Book — Guide to Getting Rich

So how do the wealthy get rich?

It's not luck and it's not that they had a better formal education or rich parents.

For many it's because they have they had a special "money education" and have learned the right way of thinking and they display "Rich Habits" every day.

Buy this book now and you can also learn the Science of Becoming Rich so you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

This book is your chance to get that special "money education" that you have always dreamed of having and get out of the daily rat race by developing financial freedom.

It's your opportunity to learn the real rules of wealth and money directly from someone who has made it and kept it. More importantly, this is your chance to learn from someone who has helped thousands of his students and clients build their own wealth — to the tune of over $2 billion in assets.

It is a book written for people who…

  • Are living from month to month but want to get out of the rat race and become rich
  • Are already financially comfortable, but aspire for more
  • Want to create lifetime wealth
  • Want to teach their children how to become rich and leave a legacy

WARNING! There are no get rich schemes discussed in this book — only proven strategies to fast track your financial success.

However, this will be your plan for how to get from where you are to where you want to be, so…

What others are saying about Michael Yardney's Guide

A brilliant book showing your financial freedom may be closer than you think. It’s a plain simple language guide to getting out of the rat race by learning what the rich do and and how they think differently from the average person. It contains the kind of insights that seem obvious in retrospect, but that we need a mentor like Michael to teach us. Gold from start to end!.

Kevin Turner, Host of Real Estate Talk & 4BC Radio Presenter

Great book! It's what I didn’t learn at school, but wish I had. I wish Michael had written this book 30 years ago.

Keith Kran, dropped out of college 30 years ago

About Michael Yardney

While Michael Yardney is best known as a property expert, he is also Australia’s leading experts in the psychology of success and wealth creation.

He challenges traditional finance advice with innovative ideas on property investment, personal finance and wealth creation in his new Guide To Getting Rich.

His wisdom stems from his personal experience and from mentoring over 2,000 business people, investors and entrepreneurs over the last decade.

His opinions are frequently quoted in the media and Michael was once again voted Australia’s best property investment educator and mentor. Over the years he has probably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia.

In his latest book Michael Yardney's Guide to Getting Rich, Michael helps you discover why the rich keep getting richer and how you can become one of them.

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